Till the death do us part

When first time you see this Photo, what is first think that come across in your mind,  Do you think this bee is desperately waiting for his spouse? black widow victim after one single sex? over dose of insecticide? or maybe because of other crazy thing that you didn’t even ever thought ….. 🙂

I do really curious  to know, perhaps somebody who expert on insect and read this post could explain… 🙂

DSC_2104 b

Again, when you hunting for macro, many weird, cute, beautiful, unique close up look of small creature are often firstly can be seen……….. at least by you, ok… it could be somebody else did.

I found this bee is in the tip of Maize (Corn) tree, foto taken with Nikon D90, 90mm, ISO 200, 1/250s, f8

DSC_2103 b


Semoga menginspirasi, selamat hunting foto


Heru ‘Topia’ Arianto


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